Another thing I like to do is Secret Shopping. I've been doing it for almost five years now and really enjoy it. You aren't going to make a lot of money, so don't go into it thinking that will happen! My favorite thing about it is all the free meals and free products! We eat out two or three times a week and get paid for it! Everything from fast food restaurants to Fancy 4-Star Restaurants!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at
I can't tell you the names of specific companies that are shopped, but I can answer general questions.

If you are interested, check out It will give you lots of information--lists of the companies you can sign up with, forums to talk to other secret shoppers, and just lots of general information. Remember, it should not cost anything for you to sign up with these companies! There are lots of scams out there, so beware. If you receive offers to be a secret shopper in your e-mail, BEWARE. Unless you initiated the subscription with a shopping company, it's best to treat these e-mails as a scam. You can take a look or ask questions in the Forums at Volition (see link above) and it may turn out to be legitimate, but be careful.

In Secret Shopping, you are not allowed to divulge names of clients (companies that request secret shoppers), so please don't ask me places that I work for. I will tell you that there are jobs out there for shoppers at fast food restaurants, bars, family restaurants, fancy restaurants, banks, drugstores, grocery stores, clothing stores, movie theaters, pet stores, apartments, and so on. Anything you are asked to buy, you will be reimbursed for (or asked to return). The pay per job varies by company, but some pay only reimbursement for dinner, others pay an average of $7 to $15 per job. Some pay more, but you will find that the more they pay, the more complex it is and the longer it will take you to write your report!

Here is a company that is looking for secret shoppers. Please be so kind as to use the following serial number when you apply so that I will get credit for referring you. Thanks! 7924CAIGIIOL
Apply to shop with Second to None, a Secret Shopping Company.

Here are a few of my favorite shopping companies. Depending on where you live, they may or may not have jobs available. When joining, if you are asked who referred you, please put my e-mail ( or name (Carol Ezovski). Thanks so much!


I have joined dozens more Secret Shopping Companies, but these are the ones I seem to get the most jobs from. I found the link to all of the companies I work for on Volition and I have to say I have NEVER had any problems with any of them. Some pay in a week or two, others might take up to 6 weeks -- but they have ALL paid as promised! Here is a good way to check out what jobs are available in your area. When you see a job advertised here on Jobboard, you will have to become a member of that shopping company. It is part of Volition, so you can feel safe to sign up for these particular companies.